16 September 2008

Will man ever learn? The quest for oil at the expense of the eco-system

We all know that global warming is a reality.We know that the "Planet Earth" is getting hotter.We also know that the climate on our beloved planet has changing over millions of years.Yes we've had cold periods,we've had hotter periods and its all part of the ever changing Universe.I guess it would be boring if we never changed.
Yet what is different this time?
We are the difference.Yes us,mankind.We have caused an increase in global warming.Yes the planet was warming naturally but we have helped to increase the warming at a rapid rate over the last 10 years.Our pursuit of economic growth has lead to ice melting at a rate that has never been seen before.Ice is melting near Canada to a point where the eco systems will be changed forever and I'm afraid this time the damage will be for good.Ice that has remained in place for thousands of years is disappearing.
Yet what does mankind do? He thinks "great the ice has gone and more oil to plunder".The Canadian Govt is looking at ways to get to this oil and the same is happening in Alaska.
Wait a minute...isn't it all this plundering of oil that has lead to global warming? Are we not just going in circles? Are we that greedy,do we not care about our childrens futures?
Why aren't the Govts thinking of using wave,wind,bio-fuels,solar more? Strange?
In an era of banks collapsing because of their own greed,can we not see what we are doing?

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Nina said...

It's sickening, isn't it? I'm horrified and appalled by so much of what's happening in the world, and how indifferent so many people are about the plight of the planet... but I'm also optimistic and happy that so many people like you are making a difference by speaking up!

Go, Rosie!