4 September 2008

Sports go Solar!!

The Arizonian Phoenix Suns want to be eco-friendly.They plan to use solar panels for their energy and thus decrease their use of energy equivalent to 26 home matches.Yeah for the Suns,way to go!!!!
They are using the car park area of US Airways Center for their solar panels and you know what it will make everyone feel better going to watch a sports event that is being eco-friendly.
The Suns installation will cost about $1.5 million but the team will receive a yearly rebate of $60,000 to $85,000 from the Arizona Public Service Co.
The project will not cost the team anything up front or lead to an increase in ticket prices.
Tioga Energy will be responsible for the maintenance of the solar panels over the next 20 years.The Suns pay Tioga a annual fee based on the amount of energy the panels produce.
The San Francisco Giants became the first baseball team to use solar power.The Los Angeles Lakers were putting more than 1,700solar panels on the roof of LA Lakers.
The Suns are also using green cleaning products and expanding their office wide recycling program.
Lets all cheer for the teams who are going solar and showing the supporters the future!! Good on them.

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