10 September 2008

Parties are letting us down on green issues in the UK

Now that the UK is heading for economic misery the three main parties have decided not to concentrate on environmental issues.This has been noticed.

The organisations, including Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and WWF, call for "far greater leadership, vision and courage than we have seen from any of the three main parties in recent months". They add: "Despite continuing green rhetoric, we've seen a retreat on this agenda by politicians unwilling to advocate the crucial steps to tackle climate change and other environmental problems for fear of media criticism and electoral unpalatability."

I think that the parties are making a mistake with their voters and although we are of course worried about our futures ,we are also very concerned about our environment.I think the parties should use the environment as a "positive" step .It is something that we can control and improve on.The economy has its ups and downs but without our planet functioning...we won't have any economies left anyway!