15 February 2010

Accurate carbon reporting automated, reducing internal administration and improving accuracy…

Monday 15th February 2010 - Greenstone Carbon Management, the global specialist carbon solutions company, today announced that reporting for the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)* can now be done at the press of a button. Greenstone’s carbon management software, Acco2unt, makes managing and reporting carbon emissions effortless through the provision of strong data acquisition, analytical and monitoring functionality.

More than 2,500 organisations in 60 countries around the world now participate in the annual CDP. Launched in 2000, the CDP requires organisations to measure and disclose information on their greenhouse gas emissions and climate change strategies. To assist organisations that participate in the CDP, Greenstone has included the latest CDP report requirements into Acco2unt, enabling clients to produce a CDP report that covers the entire organisation. Acco2unt reduces the administrative burden by automatically maintaining emission factors and providing the capability to analyse emission, consumption, financial and comparative data. As a result, organisations are able to concentrate on reduction targets and performance improvements.

Matthew de Villiers, CEO at Greenstone Carbon Management comments, “We find the CDP’s quantitative reporting requirements can be a time consuming exercise for reportees. To address this we have now included the latest CDP report as a standard report in Greenstone’s Acco2unt enterprise software. This enables CDP reportees to complete all quantitative elements of their CDP report at a touch of a button – ensuring accuracy and saving significant time.”