28 May 2010

The Oil leak and BP

When we use our Planet's resources as we tend to do,we rarely think of the consquences.
We need gas for our cars,we need electricity for our homes,businesses,for our modern lives.
We want,we need,we get.

Yet at what price? At what cost to our planet,our environment , our fellow animals and creatures?

Do we care?

It takes a severe oil leak off the American coast to make us think.BP are the criminals in this case,they are the ones to be blamed.A greedy company,who wanting to please shareholders ,don't do the safety checks needed to avert such a disaster-one might accuse them? Maybe it wasn't their fault,freak accidents can and will happen.
Its just easy for us to point the blame away from ourselves.

Yet it is us ,the people who crave the planet's resources.We need the oil,we buy the oil and we increase the need for more oil.

It is now time to think about how we can harness what our planet has given us,not to plunder it.
We need to be in harmony with our planet.We need to use energy sources that do not damage our environment.

This is the lesson to be learned from BP and the Oil leak.