24 February 2009

Nuclear energy ,is it the lesser of two evils?

In an age where coal and oil are looked apon as wicked ,destroying our environment and contributing to climate change..we need to look elsewhere for our energy needs.The answer to many....is Nuclear.Many Green players such as Greenpeace have realised that Nuclear would be the lesser of two evils.
Yet I personally have never liked the idea of Nuclear power.Yes,it doesn't create the carbon emissions but it does create dangerous waste.This waste has to be buried deep in the ground.An accident at a Nuclear plant could harm the environment and people.Nuclear is dangerous.
Yet what choices do we have?
I would like to see a world where nearly all our energy is created by our planet.Its possible.It really is.
Nuclear power is not the answer to our energy problems and to be honest its a "get out" clause I don't think we should ever use.

Sahara desert could help European countries

The natural world can help our modern world.We need energy ,thats a fact of life.Yes we need to switch off our energy when we are not using it but we do need it.
Thus we need to find a way to produce energy that is renewable,safe and clean.
Our answer is glaring at us.It shines at us.Sun,solar energy.
Where is it sunny? In hot places such as deserts and one of the biggest is the Sahara.
This is why EU countries are very keen to use solar power from the Sahara desert as it could power the whole of Europe.Its a brilliant idea.Its so obvious..really.Our planet is our salvation.
Yet Europe must also help Africa and thus it must be a combined effort to provide energy for Europe and Africa.

23 February 2009

Green Schools and Eco Schools

Our children are our future and they are the ones who can help their environment.There are many projects in the UK ,US and around the world that encourage our children to think about how they can improve the environment.Firstly there are Eco-Schools where a school can have its own eco code.This could be a charter that the children ,teachers and parents can follow.It could be reducing water usage,recycling,turning lights off and saving energy.This can be done throughout the school and in turn the school will receive rewards such as bronze,silver and eventually a green flag.
There is also an idea that schools can be built from scratch and thus be green.In the new build plans there can be bigger windows for more natural light.There can be water saving devices ,solar panels and wind turbines.
It is so important to get the children involved in environmental issues from an early age .They can take this knowledge with them and use it for the rest of their lives .
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17 February 2009

17th Century is green with National Trust and Sudbury Hall

When we think of green and the environment we tend to think of the 20th and 21st centuries but what about a 17th century building becoming green.Well the National Trust in the UK have decided to reduce its CO2 emissions by replacing an old inefficent bolier with a new biomass wood pellet boiler.
The National Trust together with npower have decided to combine with a green energy partnership and implement energy saving projects involving National Trust properties around the UK.
The bolier at Sudbury Hall was placed in August 08 and from October 08 the new renewable bolier was turned on.
Two biomass boilers were installed at Sudbury Hall.This was to help prolong life of the boilers as they will be used on a rota system.
The fuel for the boiler is fast growing willow coppicing which is sustainable and grown locally in Nottinghamshire.The willow potash is used in the gardens of the Hall.Co2 usage at the Hall has been reduced from 151 tonnes per year to 10 tonnes per year.Thats pretty amazing stuff!!!!
Thus our historical houses can also be environmentally friendly aswell as giving pleasure to visitors.

10 February 2009

Why not show your planet some love this Valentines day

Valentines is consumer heaven.Think of all the flowers that will be sent,chocolates bought,cards and gifts.
Yet how can we show our planet a bit of love.We can love our beautiful planet by choosing greener options for our Valentines.
We can buy recycled cards.We can buy our flowers locally and think about fair trade chocolates.
If we decide to have a meal,why not cook a romantic meal at home with locally produced goods or walk to a local dining outlet.
There are so many options available.
We could choose a present that could help our environment.We could purchase a tree and make that our gift for our loved one.
Do something different ,special and make our Earth feel loved.
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8 February 2009

Charles Darwin and his thoughts on the environment 200 years after his birth

Charles Darwin was born 200 years ago on February 12th.He wrote a book called the "Origin of Species" that changed the world.I often wonder at what he might have thought about our changing environment and its impact on evolution.
I am sure he would be an eco warrior but would he have suggested that mans involvement in the climate was a force of natural selection? Mans damage to the planet would affect what animals would survive...would this be survival of the fittest? ,or would this be a step too far?
How could we prove we were the highest of evolution, if infact we were destroying our home?
There are many questions that Charles Darwin would ponder and a real debate for evolutionary theories.