24 February 2009

Nuclear energy ,is it the lesser of two evils?

In an age where coal and oil are looked apon as wicked ,destroying our environment and contributing to climate change..we need to look elsewhere for our energy needs.The answer to many....is Nuclear.Many Green players such as Greenpeace have realised that Nuclear would be the lesser of two evils.
Yet I personally have never liked the idea of Nuclear power.Yes,it doesn't create the carbon emissions but it does create dangerous waste.This waste has to be buried deep in the ground.An accident at a Nuclear plant could harm the environment and people.Nuclear is dangerous.
Yet what choices do we have?
I would like to see a world where nearly all our energy is created by our planet.Its possible.It really is.
Nuclear power is not the answer to our energy problems and to be honest its a "get out" clause I don't think we should ever use.

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