30 June 2009

100 Scientists Support Ten By Ten Call

The Environmental Parliament calls for ten per cent reduction of CO2 emissions in London by 2010

10x10 campaign launched at LSE Summit

More than a hundred scientists specialising in climate change, the environment and ecology came together in London to support the Environmental Parliament's launch of the TEN BY TEN campaign.

The Chairman of the Environmental Parliament, Pano Kroko announced the campaign after a Summit meeting at the London School of Economics considered ways to reduce London’s CO2 emissions by 10per cent by the end of next year.

“The 10X10 campaign seeks a 10per cent reduction in London’s CO2 emissions by the end of 2010,” said Pano Kroko. “We believe this saving is realistic and will help the city take a giant step towards meeting its goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 60per cent by 2025.”

The assembled scientists and environmentalists agreed that only a combination of taxation, public policy and resource management can meet the 10 per cent reduction target.

The Environmental Parliament also unveiled a campaign website which will serve as a focal point for news and activity concerning the campaign - http://www.environmentalparliament.org/10x10

“Today most of London's electricity comes from coal fired power generating plants,” said Kroko. “One in three children in London suffers from some form of asthma and London has the lowest air quality among European capitals. The first step towards CO2 emission reductions can be among the most difficult – in London however it is very achievable.”

The Summit endorsed the Environmental Parliament’s 10x10 plan as a first step in community action which aims to galvanise political response.

“It is a gauntlet to the politicians and the rulers thrown to them by empowered citizens,” said Kroko.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has pledged to achieve 60per cent CO2 savings and the Environmental Parliament believes this pledge needs to be broken down into a series of achievable benchmarks.

Pano Kroko said: ''We can make significant progress to the long-term plan by breaking the target down and committing to cycles of 10 per cent reductions. It simply takes political will and a commitment to the necessary legislation.”

Kroko called for the London Olympics to be the focal point of a green push to achieve a further reduction of 10per cent by 2012. He added that by providing encouragement and support for Green industry initiatives to reach a total reduction of 30per cent by 2015.

Kroko added that higher energy prices coupled with the certainty of CO2 emission taxation would provided economic stimulus that would lead to a greening of the economy.

“With a robust & changing economy and a growing green industry,” said Kroko, “we can save an additonal 10per cent every three years and reach the Capital’s goal of a 60 per cent reduction by 2025.

“The regeneration of the city's economy and the creation of Green legacy from the 2012 Olympics will see London move into the Gold Medal position of global Environmental leadership.”

For more information about the Environmental Parliament and to keep up to date with the 10x10 campaign visit www.environmentalparliament.org

18 June 2009

Power to your palm

New services from Intamac Systems deliver home energy use information straight to your mobile phone.

Northampton, UK, 15th June 2009: Have you ever stopped to wonder how much energy is being consumed in your home, even while you’re not there? Thanks to a new service from Intamac System Ltd., consumers are now able to monitor and control power consumed in their home from a handset such as the iPhone; and can view home energy usage information at any time. This revolutionary service even allows consumers to manage standby devices and detect appliances that are left switched on for extended periods of time.

Intamac Systems, a global market leader in connected home monitoring services, has partnered with Current Cost to develop this new capability. Current Cost is a leading UK based designer and manufacturer of energy monitors, and has recently launched its updated ENVI self-install home energy monitor device. With over half a million monitors sold, consumers in the UK are able to track the power consumption in their homes, and use this information to make savings and reduce their CO2 emissions. Intamac Systems has developed a way of linking the Current Cost ENVI display to the web without the need for a PC, so consumers can record trends and monitor energy usage from anywhere in the world. Information is presented to the consumer via their Intamac Home Manager account, accessible via website and mobile devices.

“Home energy monitors help consumers reduce their average energy consumption by as much as 15 per cent through cutting energy waste, making them a very cost effective tool with a fast pay-back period.” said Martin Dix, CEO of Current Cost. “The work Intamac has done to link our monitors to the web and provide remote mobile access and control, means we can offer customers even more capabilities. In addition to monitoring usage patterns, we can encourage savings by allowing consumers to compare their carbon footprint against their neighbours, receive tips and advice on how to make further savings, and choose to receive alerts based on consumption data.”

The new mobile management includes an iPhone application that offers new levels of control for Intamac’s Home Manager web enabled home monitoring service. Extending this application to include the Current Cost device means customers are now able to much more; “We want to give homeowners the ability to remotely monitor and control their homes, with simple interfaces and mobile applications which adapt to peoples’ changing lifestyles and demands” explains Kevin Meagher, CEO and Founder of Intamac Systems. “The rapid adoption of broadband as a utility is allowing us to develop new and exciting service for homeowners and small businesses. The new services we are providing with the Current Cost monitors are a great example of the benefits to consumers of networking devices using the web.”

Intamac and Current Cost are already extending its collaboration by introducing a range of new products and services which take remote control to the next level. This allows consumers to track the energy usage of individual appliances and allows them to turn on their central heating before leaving the office, or turn off any devices left on standby, with the touch of a button on a mobile phone. “Our belief is that this information will empower people to make simple changes to the way they manage their homes, and make a real difference in reducing overall energy consumption and costs.” adds Kevin Meagher.

Intamac’s award winning web-based services are currently available through various global partner companies including British Telecom, DSC Tyco, LockOn, WoonVeilig, and Yale.

For further information on Intamac’s Energy Management services and applications or to simply find out more on what Intamac’s technology can do for you please visit: www.intamac.com .