3 September 2008

Native American Indians using green affordable housing

When we think of the Native American Indian we instantly think of "nature","harmony" and "respect of lands".
Wisconsins First Nations are taking the lead in developing a "green house" that would not harm the environment or waste energy.
Professor Sue Thering of University Of Winconsin Madison has worked with several American tribal groups that wanted affordable,energy efficent homes.
In Native American culture the home was the home to many generations of one family.Thus the idea has arisen that they can have one large house with less impact on the environment.Thering obtained a grant of $1116,000 from US Dept of Agriculture Rural Development Program to help.The energy efficent homes would use 100% recycled roofing,insulation and interior materials that would be durable and low toxic,windows would be high quality for energy efficiency.They are truly getting back to their "roots".Yet the project goes beyond building the houses,they wish to train builders in new techniques.
This idea is hoping to expand to other tribes and who knows where else it will lead?

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