15 September 2008

Do we take our water for granted?

The United Nations proclaimed the period from 2005 to 2015 to be the International Decade for Action, "Water for Life," in response to what had been identified as a full-blown global water crisis.

When you turn your tap on,do you think about the water? Do you think about where it comes from? Do you care?
You should.
In many parts of the globe there is a water shortage.Water is precious to many.
When we think about what we can do for the environment we don't always think about the water we drink,the water we use to wash ourselves in,the water we use to wash our cars,gardens and everything else.
Yet if we are to help our own environment we need to think about "turning the tap" off,don't let it drip.We need to only fill up our kettle halfway and have more showers than baths.
We need to harvest our water.We need to use rain butts to water our garden.
We need to use low flow fixtures,dual-flush toilets.
The next generation of house builders need to include water saving devices in their housing projects.

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