3 September 2008

A golden era for green housing

As energy prices increase it has a knock on effect.Its actually good for "green housing".In the 1980s we didn't seem to be bothered about saving energy and it was all about how we can progress,spend and achieve.
Today the climate is very different.We are sick to the teeth of rising energy costs and we are actually hostile to the gas,electric companies that are making vast amounts of profit while we pay through the nose.Well its back fired on all those greedy companies as we now turn our back on harmful energies and we realise we are destroying our planet and in that we want to make a difference.
It starts in our own home and demand for making our own homes energy efficent has risen and continues to rise.
The growth in green housing will be from 2% in 2005 to nearly 20% in 2012 according to the National Green building Conference in New Orleans.This drive for green housing is not just coming from the environmetalists but also the general public.
This is such a positive move.

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