15 September 2008

Fancy a cup of coffee?

Starbucks can be found in nearly every high street in the world.Yet what is this coffee house doing for the the environment.This is a question you may ponder over sipping the 'White Chocolate Mocha with whipped cream'.
Starbucks has to be responsible for its environment.It has to offset its carbon footprint.Imagine all the trucks involved in transporting its coffee and goods and the energy it must be using in its shops and the waste it creates.
Firstly they encourage you to bring in your travel mug and you'll get 25p off the price of your drink.They also give you free bags of used coffee grounds for your garden.To be truthful I didn't realise that coffee was a good compost but I guess its natural.Its good for the roses and veggie!
They also have projects in Ethiopia.Since 2006 Starbucks has been working in partnership with CARE International to support projects that make a difference to coffee growing communities.They are supporting more than 1,500 households in the Gewgew Dingete villages of West Haraghe in Ethiopia.They are helping with their education,sustainable agriculture and water needs.
Starbucks also tries to promote local food in its stores.I hope that they do buy in local produce but its hard to know if this is what really happens.
How many large companies say they are doing this and that for the environment and then later we find out that they have froth all over their faces and have been exaggerating for their own benefit.
We know that the public are pushing for a greener environment and we also know that there is alot of money to be made out of the environment and thus companies that appear to care about the planet also have their own agenda and selfish motives.
Yet if a big company like Starbucks is helping in Ethiopia,then I say good on them and if they are trying to encourage us to bring in a travel mug,great and I think my roses could do with a bit of coffee compost.

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