8 September 2008

Where does our recycling really go in the UK?

You know I spend alot of time each day sorting my waste and rubbish for my recycling bin.I wash the glass and tins and flatten the cardboard.Its actually "working" but at least I am doing something positive,productive and for our planet.It makes me feel good.
Yet I often wonder what happens to this waste when its collected every two weeks.Where does it go? Also I've thought "would people in the UK spend their time sorting out all the waste? Gosh it must be a hard job".
Well it looks like our Local Councils don't know what is happening to our recycled waste either...do they care ...or do they just want to get rid of it and look good.
I have heard stories before of refuse men saying that they just dumped the recycled waste in the landfill with all the other rubbish and I was horrified.Yet I believed this had been stopped.
Oh no it hasn't ...we've just moved the problem to India and Africa and other third world countries.Apparently our recycled waste is being dumped in landfills in India.This is a disgrace.We are being lied to.
This won't stop me for doing my bit every day but I do hope that the authorities "clean up their act".

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