5 September 2008

Waste not Want not -Green hotels!

When we enter a hotel we normally find the lights on,TV on with our guest name,a fridge stocked and all the energy we need.In this changing world we now find that the idea of using all this energy when we go on holiday is very much a "turn off".We now want to experience a hotel that is eco friendly, that cares about its guests and also the planet.
We want to see light saving bulbs,recycling our waste,using the same sheets and towels.We don't want a fridge in our room stocked with wasteful items.We want to know that the water we use in our room will be done in such a way it is not wasted.We don't want all this waste when we stay in our hotel.
There is a increased desire to stay in hotels that care about the environment and there are hotels out there that are trying to do this.
Hotels are now aware of the need for change and as we demand that change we will see a change in the way we take our holidays.
Eco friendly hotels will become the norm.

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