27 September 2008

Bottled water and the environmnent

I think its crazy to buy bottled water when in the western world we have safe ,clean drinking water.Yet there it is! In our shops,our schools,homes and offices.
Yet bottled water can create environmental damage.The bottles are plastic and unless we recycle them all,we just create waste.Yet getting a glass under a tap costs the environment less.
Also another reason not to buy bottled water is Africa and third world countries.Imagine if they had clean water by taps in their households.There we are with water following through our taps and we got to the supermarket and buy it bottled.....madness.
Next time you go to the shops and think about buying bottled water just think about these two facts and I guarantee you'll put it back.

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Nina said...

Great post (they all are). Also, the bottles can emit toxic chemicals into the water if the bottles get too hot.

It's really not that difficult to put tap water in thermos or get a cool-looking bottle that you can use over and over and over. Babies do it, why not us? :)