25 October 2008

Hawaii to become an example to the world on renewable energy

Hawaii is a place that I've always dreamed of visiting.It just seems so beautiful.It has a very special eco system.
Yet it is it has been dependant on oil.Why when it is surrounded by the ocean.Thats the problem and thats the answer to its energy needs.
Hawaii can use water,wind and solar and geo thermal to provide its energy needs.It has access to these and now the time is ready for change.

State energy agreement
The Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative, announced at a press conference by Gov. Linda Lingle, calls for:

» 70 percent of the state's power will come from clean energy sources and 40 percent from renewable energy sources by 2030.
» 400 megawatts of wind-generated power to be transferred to Oahu via undersea cable from Maui County. The cable would connect the power grids of Maui, Molokai, Lanai and Oahu.
» 1,100 megawatts of additional renewable energy will be added in the state, 700 of which will be implemented within five years. Oahu's current capacity is 1,700 megawatts.
» The state is currently paying $5-$7 billion a year to purchase imported oil, but Lingle said it is too early to tell how much the undersea cable will cost or what potential savings could be.
Source: State energy agreement

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