6 October 2008

The Credit Crunch and the Environment

Have you noticed that everytime you switch on your TV,Radio or Net all you hear or see is the "Credit Crunch".The media are going over time and loving every moment of it! Its another good reason to switch it off!
Yet on a serious note the Credit Crunch has wider implications.It can actually affect our environment.
Why? you ask.Well it means that the building industry is not going to expand into greener housing as its more expensive.Environmental issues are put to one side as people think about how they can sort out the financial situation first.Who cares about the planet when our money is involved...right?
The Credit Crunch is not only hurting the economies but it is hurting the planet.
We are at a time where we need to concentrate every effort into the environment.We can't afford not to be on the ball when it comes to our planet.

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