14 October 2008

People Tree-Buy organic cotton and change the world

Conventional cotton takes up to 2.5% of the planet's cultivated land and consumes nearly 11% of the pesticides used globally.Of this nearly 23% of all insecticides,some of the most toxic of pesticides,is used on cotton.
Every year tens of thousands of cotton farmers and their families suffer serious damage to their health after contact with these toxic chemicals in the air they breathe and the water they drink,and the soil where they grow their food and graze their livestock.

There is another way
Organic farming promotes long term environmental protection.Through mixed cropping,using natural pesticides like neem and fertilizing their fields with organic matter,they can achieve long term sustainability.
What is more,farmers are paid a 30% premium for organic cotton.
Organic cotton farming allows farmers to escape from a cycle of debt which has driven many thousands in India to suicide every year.
It is easy to be part of the solution-support organic cotton clothing revolution,a movement that is growing 30% each year.

Go to www.peopletree.co.uk

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