25 October 2008

Changing bad habits into good ones

As its energy saving week in the UK its time to reflect on habits.How many times do we forget to switch off our TVs,Radios,CDs and leave them on stand by.Well nearly half of us do! Its a bad habit and hard to break but it can become a good habit.We just need to use the switch and turn it off.
What about plastic bags.
We need to think about using paper bags and recycled bags.This is becoming a good habit as I see so many people with cotton bags now when I go shopping.Infact everyone seems very proud of the fact that they don't want a plastic bag.
Its the same with washing our clothes.We can easily save energy and money if we use 30 degrees instead of 40.
Our bad habits become good habits and in the process we are all doing our bit for the planet.

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