13 August 2008

Solar Cities

Solar cities are being developed in Australia.Perth Solar City is the seventh city to join the Australian Govt Solar Cities program.It is estimated that more than 6,OOO homes and businesses will participate in the Perth Solar City trial.Participants will receive access to low flow showerheads that save water,efficient low wattage light bulbs,home energy assessments and discounted solar heated water and panels.

New Orleans in the USA is being re built with solar in mind.New Orleans has an opportunity to become one of the most important sustainable solar cities in the nation, saving thousands of dollars for homeowners while reducing carbon emissions,” said Ron Kenedi, vice president, Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group. “As the U.S. solar market leader, we are extremely proud of having brought together our installers to help rebuild a Katrina-damaged New Orleans neighborhood.”

India with the help of the Clinton Foundation is also going to develop a solar City.

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