7 August 2008

Love the earth ,make a difference and change one step at a time

You know sometimes we want to do something for our planet and make a difference and we don't know where to start.There are so many people telling us what is the best way to help our planet ,our environment.
There are so many websites out there.
Yet one simple action each day,week can make the difference.
Firstly,just switch off the TV .Don't leave it on stand by.
Then think about the waste you produce.Do I really make as much effort as I can to recycle as much waste as I can.Oh its so easy not to wash a tin or bottle and chuck it(think of Wall E,a robot with a heart).
Just try a simple task.
Its easy to say..I don't see the point if I'm the only one doing it...well you know what if we all made one simple action each day...well thats alot of people on our planet making a difference.
Infact helping the environment makes us feel special,makes us feel connected and actually I think it unites a community.
We all have a common aim to help the earth.

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