26 August 2008

Emirates is trying to be eco-friendly

Dubai based airline Emirates is going eco-friendly.
Really...you gasp!When we think of an airline ,we would think that green issues would be the last thing we would think of!
Emirates is to receive its first eco-friendly Airbus A380.They want to reduce energy consumption and waste internally and increase reycling.
HH Sheikh Al-Makoum,Chairman and Chief executive for Emirates Airline and group stated
"our environmental commitment began well before it was considered fashionable,when we sponsored the creation of Dubai Desert Conversation Reserve in 1997"

The airline added that it is hoping to lauch next year one of the worlds most environmentally ambitious conservation resort in 400 acre Wolgan Valley Resort Spa in the Blue Mountains in Australia.
The idea is to restore tracts of distressed farming land back to its native state.Sounds great to me!

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