14 August 2008

Dogs doing their bit for the planet.

Do you have a dog? When you take your dog for "walkies" and he decides to do a number two...what do you used to pick it up?
Well there are poop bags that can make you feel better!
BioBag Dog Waste Bags - 100% Biodegradable / 100% Compostable

* Shelf-stable, like paper goods, but will start to decompose within 10-45 days once it enters a composting or landfill environment.

* Contains no polyethylene - therefore no plastic residue remains.

* Certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute, meets specification ASTM #D6400-99.

* Meets California Law, SB 1749, regarding biodegradable and compostable requirements.

* Made in Norway - Certificate, EN 13432 - certifies the bag is 100% biodegradable and compostable. This certificate is based on the strictest European standard for compostable products.

* Made out of GMO-free (genetically modified-free) corn.

* Inks and dyes used for color and printing on bags are soy-based, and does not contain any heavy metals.

I have these for my dogs and they are great.

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GreenBanana said...

I love them too! I found a link to this cool site that has free shipping on Biobags called OrganicUniverse.com here is the (web link http://www.organicuniverse.com )
I bought a kitchen composting bin too!

It is amazing how many people walk their dogs and use plastic bags. It drives me up the wall. Especially the idiots that think they are Paris Hilton and sport these mini dogs which are clearly being neglected. Just because they have a diamond collar doesn't mean the dogs are treated well. I have even watched people drag them along while they are walking because they are preoccupied with their cell phone conversations. What a bunch of morons!

Anyway, great post about the bags!