12 August 2008

China leads the world in the first major green city

Shanghai is buzzing.Its a place full of life , pollution and power cuts.Yet just outside the huge City is a place called Dongtan.
Dongtan is changing the way China and the world will look at planning and cities.Dongtan aims to use wind,solar power and bio fuels.It is using walkable neighbourhoods, a recycling scheme,organic farms and even green roofs.A new revolution is coming to China and it just might shape our world.
This is the hope of the Arup Group,based in London and designed by them.They also designed Beijings Olympic pool.
Dongtan should house 5,000 people by the end of 2010 and 500,000 by 2050.

How exciting is this....very!!
It shows that with planning and thought we can make eco towns and cities and feel proud of our achievements.

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