2 March 2009

Why Denmark can show the world that renewable energy is the future

Denmark is a beautiful country.Copenhagen is a wonderful city.We think of Hans Christian Anderson and his mermaid.Yet Denmark is also remarkable in the way it has taken to renewable energy sources.
How did this happen?
In 1973 Denmark was hit by an oil crisis.90% of Denmarks energy came from petroleum.In dealing with this crisis,a shortage of oil it decided it had to conserve energy.It introduced car-free Sundays,asking businesses to switch off lights during closing hours.
When the oil shortage was no more and Denmark didn't have to worry about conserving energy anymore,it didn't just go back to the way it had been.The oil shortage had proved to be a valuable lesson for the country and its people.It wanted greater energy efficiency.It didn't want to have all its energy needs coming from one source.
Denmark began to invest in wind power.Vestas,a Danish company has become a global leader in building wind turbines.Denmark now gets 19% of its electricity from wind.Denmarks carbon emissions are down.
Denmark doesn't just use its wind power ,power plants recycle waste energy from their operations to homes and businesses.Many houses and farms in Denmark have solar panels.Denmark is also interested in promoting an electric car and plans to construct a network of charging stations.
Denmark is showing the world that renewable energy can work and it can make a difference.
Copenhagen will host the U.N. climate change talks this December and they are better qualified than most to show that it is possible to change.

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