27 March 2009

Can we do more than just switch our lights off for Earth Hour 2009

Can we do more than just switch our lights off at 8.30pm to 9.30pm local time for Earth Hour 2009?
In what do we mean "do more".To switch our lights off is one huge way to show a united front against climate change.Its a simple action that we all can do,however big or small,whoever we are.We are showing the planet that we do care about it.
Yet what more can we do.
We can put pressure on our Govts to make the changes that really do impact on our lives.The Govt is not a "higher being" that cannot be touched but the Govt is elected by the people,for the people.It is mean't to listen to the concerns of its people and we all need to get our Govts to LISTEN.
We are all important,we all have a voice and we can make a difference.
Don't think that by just switching your lights off for Earth Hour that you have done your bit but do more,contact your local Govts,central Govts and make yourself heard.
We ask for more renewable energy,we ask for education ,change of attitudes.
We want to turn our Earth back on and thats our aim.

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