9 March 2009

The Little Green Lunch Bag

Boots and ‘diet Coke’ join forces to launch recycled and reusable ‘Meal Deal’ lunch bag

Boots and ‘diet Coke’ have teamed up to create the ‘Little Green Lunch Bag’, exclusively for Boots ‘Meal Deals’. The small textile bag is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and, with a pretty butterfly design, it is a stylish alternative to a carrier bag.

As we have less time to spend on leisurely lunches, the new ‘dash-and-carry’ lunch offer provides a cheerful solution for time-poor workers. Fans of the credit-crunch-busting Boots ‘Meal Deal’ will be able to pick up the bag for just £1 and re-use it every time they grab lunch. It’s small enough to roll up and keep in your handbag so you can take it with you every time you hit the high street.

Boots ‘Meal Deal’ is one of the nation’s best value for money lunch options and the ‘Little Green Lunch Bag’ is its first recycling initiative with the soft drinks giant ‘Coca-Cola’. The clever little bag demonstrates how plastic bottles can be recycled and reused. The bottles are shredded into flakes that are then melted before being processed into granulates which are used to make the bag.

The initiative is part of Coca-Cola Great Britain’s campaign challenging us all to reduce the plastic that we throw away. Boots is also committed to substantially reducing its carbon footprint. Ian Blythe, Boots Corporate Social Responsibility Manager explains: “Climate change is such an important issue that we all need to be looking for those simple changes that will help make a difference. Within Boots we're continuing to drive changes that reduce energy and fuel consumption throughout our supply chain. ‘The Little Green Lunch Bag’ is a great example of a simple step change we can all take to make a difference, and a great example of collaboration between two of the nation’s favourite brands.”

Claire Murray, Shopper Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola Enterprises, adds: “These new lunch bags are made from the equivalent of two 500ml plastic bottles. This is a clear example of how important recycling is to ‘Coca-Cola’ - ‘the act of helping a bottle re-fulfill its destiny and become something great again’”.

Did you know that for every five Boots ‘Meal Deals’ purchased, you get the sixth one free? (You must claim your free meal within a calendar month). The ‘Little Green Lunch Bag’ is available from 12th March at all Boots ‘Meal Deal’ stores. Pick one up next time you grab your lunch and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment. Stylishly simple!

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