23 March 2009

"Going green might cost a lot but refusing to act now will cost us the Earth."-President Mohammed Nasheed,Maldives.

President Mohammed Nasheed wants to make the Maldives carbon neutral.The Maldives will use solar and wind power to provide their islands with energy.President Mohammed Nasheed no longer wants energy to come from oil and he wants his Islands to show an example to the world.
The Maldives is under threat from rising sea water levels due to climate change but it is not the only group of islands in the world that is under threat.The Scilly islands that are just off the coast of western Britain are also under threat.

We cannot ignore the fact that many of our beautiful islands will no longer exist as the Earth warms.People will have lost their homes,history and livelyhoods.They will have to find a new place to live and the world just becomes smaller as the land disappears.
Lets make the changes now.

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