13 November 2008

Will we ever have an answer on climate change?

It seems that every week there is new research that is either saying "global warming" is man made or "global warming" is normal for climate change.
We have research that has said recently that the world has infact cooled over the last ten years and now there is more research saying that man made global warming may steer off a huge ice age.
I'm totally confused...are you?
We know that our climate changes.We have periods of warmth and periods of cold.It depends on many factors.There could be sun spots,solar rays,solar wind.There could be a slight move in Earths orbit,slight tilt.
We can't control the forces of nature.Yet we do know that we have contributed to global warming and that we have damaged our beloved planet.
Whats my attitude on it all.
Well I think that helping the environment can only be good.I think that if we think about recycling,saving water,saving energy....it helps .It makes us feel good and that in itself is a benefit.It makes us think.Waste is ugly and greedy.
Protecting our animals and countryside is beautiful.
So whatever the truth,protecting your environment is good for your soul.

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Yoli said...

You have a great blog here. I came to it via Danielle's site.