3 November 2008

Now will we listen as we melt the ice sheets!

How can we ignore the facts.How can we ignore the floods,droughts,storms and heatwaves.We are to blame,we are the cause of the melting of the ice sheets in both polar regions.
The Arctic has warmed sharply in recent years.The sea ice has melted in 2007 to a record low.Yet the Antarctica puzzled scientists.Its winter ice sea had expanded.Now a new study by the University of East Anglia has revealed that the Antarctica has also warmed by a few tenths of a degree and temperatures in the Arctic have risen by two degrees in the past forty years .The study compared temperature records and computer climate models and showed that warming in the polar regions could be best explained by a build up of green house gases and mainly from burning of fossil fuels.
This will cause sea levels to rise and many changes to our climate patterns.

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