10 November 2008

Retail industry find environmentally friendly products excite consumers and save costs

"Green is good".It excites the consumer and saves the shops money on energy costs.
The increase in turbulent weather hasn't gone unnoticed by the general public.The general public are consumers who want to make a difference to their environment.They want to consume environmentally friendly products in an environmentally friendly world.They want to go to shops that have wind turbines,low energy light bulbs and recycled furniture.
This is a "win,win" situation for big and small companies.McDonalds want to attract new and dynamic customers.Wal Mart want to show that it does care about the planet and maybe these companies want to repair some of the damage they are responsible for.We'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now.
In Chicago ,USA McDonalds has recently opened a store with energy saving gadgets.It has high efficency applicances,pavement that filters rainwater(wow)and recycled chairs.It even has a garden on its roof!
At Wal Mart ,all new stores have highly efficent lights,sky lights and improved heating,cooling and refrigeration systems.
Wal Mart opened an energy efficient store in Beijing Wanging area at end of Oct.The Store has LED as a major lighting source,sliding glass doors are used in refrigerators and coolers to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions.The entire store is equipped with motion senses to control lighting during non-peak hours.
Wal Mart is planning to re fit all of its 113 stores in China in three to five years.
It makes good business sense to introduce these environmentally friendly gadgets and gizmos.Soon it will become the norm everywhere.

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