18 July 2008

Who are the people that would influence our ideas on the environment?

In this world of media,the Net and the I Pod,I wonder who are the real movers and shakers.
Is it the Politicians,the Big Business or the Celebrities who we would take notice of?
Well I guess we ignore the politicians,they always seem to let us down and lie!
Big business ,well they just want to make money.
So who are we left with?
I guess its the celebrities.
How would the celebrities influence our actions on the environment.
Firstly they need to promote their individual causes.They use the media to do this.They use magazines,the net and TV.
Suddendly we take an interest.Oh Leonardo Di Caprio has a environmentally friendly car,thats good,we think.Oh Edward Norton has solar panels in his house,oh thats interesting,Cate Blanchett always recycles her waste.
The celebrities care about the environment and I trust them.
So they are the movers and shakers on the environment front.
Though we must not forget the power of the little people,the community and how we can make a change to the environment.
Yes we can use the celebrities as an example and follow their lead but its the millions of us ordinary folk that can make a difference to our planet.

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