12 July 2008

One Simple Action leads to one big solution

We think that we little people cannot change the world but we can.We can do one simple action .
We "Switch it off".We switch the lights off,we switch the TV off,we switch the computer off,we switch the plug off"
Thats all we are asking and its a start...isn't it.
Imagine the benefits.Our planet,our air,our climate,our children,our animals and our pocket.


pam said...

Well done. We can all make a difference however small. I am right behind you all the way from South Africa. Regards Pam

Rosie said...

Pam thats wonderful and we need everyone around the world to do just one simple action each day.I really hope we can make a change in a positive way.

Shawnstribe said...

thank you Rosie, i type in darkness ; )
hee hee
right there with you....just turn off those lights...thats me...yelling at the kids