18 July 2008

Cornwall shows us what waves can do for our planet

People have been using oil and coal to get energy for ages now and the time has come to use other sources of energy like sun power, wind power and finally wave power. I have heard of Wave Power generators long ago but nobody was building them, finally the UK is going to build one. Wave power generator can replace a small electro station and power a small city.

The UK government has approved the construction near Cornwall and the scientists have calculated that wave energy gathered by this generator will be enough to power up to 7,500 households. This turns into a small town. The underwater electro station is actually a hub connected to several generators that collects all the power they generate.

Besides the energy you get is free, all you have to do is maintain the energy generator and money to build one. Waves are brought to us by the sea why not use them the way we need to. Savings that the Cornwall wave power generator will bring are significant: about 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide in the next 25 years.

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