15 July 2008

Education is the key.

When I was a child in the 70s...we had never heard of "global warming".We were more concerned about a Nuclear bomb.
We didn't have much time for the environment.Progress was the key.
Yet today my children are living with the threat of a planet that is becoming unhealthy.
They want to make a difference and they want to cure their sick planet.How can our children bring our planet back to full health.
They can be taught about how not to waste energy and how to use nature to provide that energy.
Its simple really.
This is the point of my blog.Its just a simple message and it will make us realise that every one of us is responsible for our planet and every action causes a ripple effect.

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lara said...

This is a great blog Rosie i will add a link later and definately sit down and read it all soon.