17 January 2009

Thinking of a white wedding? Why not try a green one

Now that the Christmas rush has finished and New Year celebrations are complete,we now think of Spring.
You may have noticed the Wedding outfits arriving in the shops and people are thinking of Spring and Summer Weddings.
I think it may be time to think of a way to make your wedding eco friendly.
This can be done in various ways.
You can buy a vintage wedding dress.If that doesn't take your fancy than maybe a dress made from organic cotton,hemp,bamboo and even soy.
Instead of sending out invites.Why not send invites via the net or evite.com
You don't have to invite everybody and you can have your food locally produced.Your Honeymoon can be local aswell.
A wedding doesn't have to produce a huge carbon footprint and it may save you money at the same time.
Instead of presents,you could have your guests donate to a good cause.
This is a good blog to visit http://www.everythinggreenweddings.blogspot.com/

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