8 January 2009

Fuji batteries are green

Do you fancy a battery thats eco friendly? Why not try Fuji.
The Fuji EnviroMAX Alkaline Battery, an eco-friendly battery that eliminates harmful chemicals found in standard alkalines.
The Fuji EnviroMAX Digital Alkaline and Super Alkaline batteries are free of Mercury, Cadmium and PVC, manufactured without the release of ozone depleting compounds, and feature packaging made with recycled paper.

Additionally, the battery claims to offer full alkaline battery power and a long shelf life.

The Super Alkaline batteries will be available in AA, AAA, C, and D. Digital Alkaline batteries will be available in AA and AAA.

Batteries will are available for purchase direct from the Fuji EnviroMAX website, www.greenfuji.com.

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