26 January 2009

Do you want to live longer? Well cut back on pollution.

Its common sense to believe that if you live in an environment where the air is clean...you'll be healthier.
Its not surprising that a report has been done on a study of major cities from the 80s till now that shows that if you live in a place that has less air pollution you will live an average five years longer.
I remember as a child that pollution was a huge issue for the environment before we ever became interested in green issues.
Pollution used to disgust me then.
Yet there are many countries around the world that would rather see the coppers in their pockets than live a healthy life.
I'm sure that in this day and age we can use clean manufacturing.We haven't got the excuse of ignorance that they had a hundred years ago.
Its the cost...isn't it...yet what cost to our planet and our health ...can we put a value on it in Pounds,Dollars or Yen.

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