6 December 2008

What is better for the environment an artificial tree or a natural tree for Christmas

This is a question to ask yourself.Is it better for the environment if I buy an artifical tree or a natural tree?
Do we prefer plastic or the real deal?
Well I guess with an artifical tree...we can re use it every year and thats not waste..right?
Yet maybe we encourage waste with the box it was packaged in,the chemicals that were used in its manufacturing,the use of energy to ship it and the energy to make it and millions of others like it!
The natural tree has given us the benefit of growing it from a seed and helping the environment.Yet when we cut it down,it eventually dies and has to be destroyed,but we do have recycling options now.
Maybe the the best choice would be to re plant the tree in the garden or better still plant a tree and decorate the tree outside.
I think I would opt for a natural tree and at least the children can see nature in their home,even for a brief moment.Maybe there could be schemes where when we buy a natural tree,we can replace that tree with another one.

For those of you in the US why not go and look at this website!

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